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Five Ways Asheville Area Homeowners Can Reduce Water Usage During Summer

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The highest water usage rates for families in the Asheville area occur during the spring and summer months, when the weather is the warmest. Therefore, it is important to homeowners to reduce water consumption, for the sake of their energy bills, and the environment. In 2016, we experienced significant drought conditions that led to the spread of several wildfires.

In this article, we will discuss five quick tips for reducing your home's water usage, and ultimate lower your water bills.

1) Only Use Appliances When You Have a Full Load

Your washing machine and dishwasher use a significant amount of water. To reduce your overall water usage, only use the appliances when you have a full load. Furthermore, consider using only your dishwasher, as hand-washing dishes uses more water. Additionally, you can reduce overall energy consumption by washing your clothes with cold water, rather than warm.

2) Water Your Lawn in the Morning or Evening

Whether you use a sprinkler system, or water your green grass with a hose, you can maximize the efficiency of your lawn care by watering only during the morning or evening, before 10:00 AM, or after 5:00 PM. For effective lawn maintenance, you can use less water, more efficiently, if you avoid watering during the hottest times of the day.

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3) Take Shorter Showers

When you take a full bath, homeowners use between 30 and 50 gallons of water each time, in contrast to the 20 gallons one uses when taking a shower. Furthermore, you can reduce your overall water consumption by 1,500 gallons in a year by shortening your shower time by two minutes. That does not account for the energy savings available by reducing the amount of water your water heater must heat.

4) Have Plumbing Leaks, and Running Toilets Repaired

For homeowners in Asheville, NC, it is important to have plumbing leaks repaired as quickly as possible. A constantly running toilet can consume as much as 7,000 gallons of water in a single month. To avoid excess water waste, make sure your plumbing systems are well-maintained.

5) Take Your Car to the Car Wash

In order to wash your car at home, you will use twice as much water as you would at a commercial car wash. Consider helping a small business, and saving water at the same time, by washing your car at a local car wash this summer.

These tips will help you significantly reduce water consumption this summer. If you would like more information, or have questions about owning your own home in the Asheville area, give us a call. Wellington Estates proudly offers affordable home ownership options, at a family-friendly community, convenient to all of the great shopping, employment opportunities, and restaurants and culture that make the Asheville area a great place to live.