Sunday, 31 December 2017 17:32

10 Steps for Winterizing Your Asheville Home Part 2

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As we begin 2018, Asheville is experiencing some of the coldest temperatures we have seen in years. This kind of prolonged, below-freezing weather can be hard on homes and families. In our previous article, we began our list of ten tips for preparing your home for winter’s cold:


  1. Have Your HVAC System Inspected
  2. Open All Air Vents Inside Home
  3. Replace Broken/Drafty Windows
  4. Prepare for Winter Emergencies
  5. Check Smoke and Carbon Monoxide Detectors

In this post, we are continuing our list, with five additional tips for winterizing your home:

6) Prepare to Prevent Frozen Pipes

One of the most common issues for homeowners and families during extreme cold is frozen pipes. In order to ensure you and your family have water when you need it, make sure you prepare to prevent frozen and burst water pipes. Steps for make sure your water flows through the coldest weather include:

  • Pay close attention to forecast temperatures
  • Leave water faucets running on especially cold nights
  • Wrap exposed pipes in pipe insulation
  • Wrap water heater in insulation blanket
  • Make sure you only use designated pipe insulation

7) Reverse Ceiling Fans

Your ceiling fans have a switch that reverse the flow of the air, pushing the lighter, warmer air from your ceiling into your room. This will help the air temperature in your home feel warmer, while reducing the stress and strain on your HVAC system.

winter frozen pipe

8) Trim Trees

If you have limbs or dead trees that threaten power lines or your home, have them professionally removed before a storm hits. Even though the weather has been fairly dry since our early December snow, ice or heavy wet snow can bring down trees and limbs on powerlines or your roof.

9) Prepare Your Yard

There are other matters to care for in your yard when it is especially cold, including:

  • Roll up your hose, so water doesn’t freeze inside
  • Make sure your pets have clean, unfrozen water
  • Make sure there is plenty of clearance around your HVAC system
  • Put salt on steps and your deck, if ice is predicted

10) Clean Your Gutters

Make sure your gutters are clean and free of debris. In the Asheville area, snow and ice storms are often accompanied by a round of rain. If water is not allowed to drain from your gutters, it may freeze and cause damage to them, creating dams that cause water to drain poorly from your roof.

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