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10 Benefits of Owning a Home in Asheville, NC Part 2


Arden, NC is a great place to live and work. Accessible to all of the wealth of Asheville culture, numerous employment opportunities, excellent schools, and the great outdoors, Wellington Estates is the perfect place to begin your homeownership journey.

In our previous article, we wrote about five benefits of owning a home in Asheville, NC, which included:

  1. The Asheville Area is Growing Rapidly
  2. Owning a Home Builds Personal Equity
  3. Purchasing a Home in Buncombe County Provides Access to Great Schools
  4. Owning a Home Gives You Freedom
  5. Our Community has Great Amenities

In this article, we will continue the list with the next five of ten reasons to purchase a home in the Asheville area. If you are already convinced you are ready to own your own home, give us a call.

6) Owning a Home Gives You a Long-Term Investment in Your Neighborhood and Community

As a homeowner, you and your family are grounded in your neighborhood and community. In an area growing as fast as Asheville and Buncombe County, we welcome new faces and residents every year, so it can be difficult to connect with people. Living in the same community for an extended period of time is beneficial for your family for several reasons, including:

  • Opportunity to get to know and trust your neighbors
  • Consistency in excellent school systems
  • Familiarity with local parks, shopping, etc.
  • Opportunity to invest in surrounding area
  • Building security of knowing your neighbors are watching out for you

Home Yard

7) Financing Your Home Builds Credit

One of the most effective means by which you can improve your credit score is financing a home, and paying the loan in a timely fashion. On the other hand, renting does contribute significantly to your credit.

8) Owning Your Home Builds Wealth Over Time

Unlike renting, when you pay a mortgage, you are building wealth over time. In a growing area like Asheville, owning a home is a financially savvy decision that can yield returns, so that if you decide to move, you do not restart at zero.

9) Asheville and Arden Have Great Amenities

The secret is out about Asheville, and people are moving here rapidly. If you are thinking about moving, consider Asheville and its suburbs, like Arden. Area amenities include:

  • World-class restaurants and breweries
  • Excellent shopping
  • Thousands of hiking and mountain biking trails
  • The Biltmore House
  • The Blue Ridge Parkway
  • Great science, history, and art museums
  • Natural wonders from mountains, to rivers, to enormous protected forests

10) Homeownership is Attainable at Wellington Estates

A modular home community, Wellington Estates offers the opportunity to own your own home at an impressively affordable rate. With private financing options, Wellington’s homeownership is accessible to most, and our neighborhood is friendly for families and accessible to all of the great amenities Asheville offers. Contact us for more information.

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